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Calamus Sweet Myrtle Essential Oil Single

Calamus Sweet Myrtle Essential Oil Single

Common NamesCalamus, Sweet Myrtle, Sweet Calamus

Botanical NameAcorus calamus

Origin: Nepal

Part: Root

MethodSteam Distilled




Body Systems Influenced: 

Aromatic Influence: 

Traditional Application Methods:  

Common Uses: 

Historical Medicinal UsesCalamus Sweet Myrtle Essential Oil Single

Description: A very fragrant rhizome with a spicy, clove-like aroma historically used in perfumery and as a culinary spice similar to ginger.   Calamus oil's main constituents are alpha and beta asarone.  Beta-asarone is now considered a possible carcinogen so caution and moderation should be considered with this historical oil.

Historical Uses:  Calamus has a long history of use in many ancient cultures like China, Egypt, Greece and Native American, for a variety of medicinal and perfumery applications.   Also mentioned in some translations of the Bible.

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