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- Synergy - Cedarwood Synergy


Cedarwood Synergy Essential Oil Blend

5 kinds of Cedarwood for  awesome synergy benefits from the blessings of Cedarwood known since the days of King Solomon to be good for mental concentration and focus. 

Contains A synergistic blend of 5 varieties of cedarwood to help aid in concentration, clarity of thought, meditation, grounding, over all healing and a sense of peace.

Contains pure essential oils of:

Cedarwood atlas Cedrus atlantica

Cedarwood blood Juniperus virginiana

Cedarwood himalayan  Cedrus deodora

Cedarwood texas Juniperus mexicana

Cedarwood western red Thuja plicata (Arborvitae)

Available as an undiluted pure essential oils blend.

Also available as the aromatherapy in our bar soap, lotion and incense.

ALL of Naturally Amazing's Our Essential Oils sold in amber glass bottles with orifice reducers are sold as 100% pure essential oils with no added carrier oils and are meant to be diluted with a carrier oil before use.    This incudes essential oil singles and blends. 

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