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Cannabis Hemp Essential Oil Single

Cannabis Hemp Essential Oil Single

Common NamesCannabis

Botanical NameCannabis Sativa

Origin: Canada

Part: Herb

Method: Steam 




Body Systems Influenced: 

Aromatic Influence: 

Traditional Application Methods:  

Common Uses: 

Historical Medicinal Uses Cannabis Hemp (thc-free) Essential Oil Single

Common Names: Cannabis, Hemp, 

Botanical Name: Cannabis sativa cannabinaceae 

Origin: Canada

Part: Herb

Method: Steam Distilled

Class: Sesquiterpene


Description: The oil has that strong, green, earthy, pungent aroma commonly associated with hemp plants.It's important legally, to note that there is not THC detected in this oil.  But no guarantees are implied regarding employer drug tests, so choose wisely.  If you need an alternative that's drug test safe and will provide similar results, please ask.  We have several cannabis-free blends we can recommend.

Historical Uses:  

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